PowerTube Argus A-1 the logical solution to energy pollution


Doyle W. Brewington has developed a new clean energy technology that uses the heat of the earth to create energy. This new device is called the GEOMAGMATIC Argus A-1 Power Tube. The patent was granted in June 2001.

This GeoMagmatic PowerTube technology produces non-polluting, cost-effective clean energy. This new technology is the subject of a twenty-two point complete systems patent based on 4 new technologies and 11 disciplines.

Geomagmatic Device

Power Tube Argus is a GEOMAGMATIC device. It uses heat of the Earth to create energy. Argus operates with a heat exchanger and in addition can also work with a thermal riser.


GEOMAGMATIC Technology is a science that can determine the heat value of a given area in order to drive a GEOMAGMATIC device such as Power Tube, converting said heat to electricity.

GeoMagmatic Resources

GeoMagmatic resources are constrained to areas where hot springs, geysers, and volcanic activity produce sufficient heat energy near the Earth's surface for electric power generation.

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